Raye Elliott
Executive Director, FLIPP Inc.

Raye Elliott serves as Executive Director of FLIPP Inc and  is a native of the economically disadvantaged small rural town of Buckingham, Virginia and a service-connected disabled Army veteran that has dedicated her life to aiding the formerly incarcerated & transitioning veterans by advocating for green jobs training for these untapped workforces that are swiftly emerging.

This advocacy extends to improving employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerated & transitioning veterans by working with both private and public sector employers who have committed to supplying a “livable wage” to these returning citizens. The work she does helps ease their transitions back into society & maintain self-sufficiency.

Raye has always envisioned an “equity in energy” type of program being a great bridge for the criminal justice involved & transitioning individuals returning back into the workforce with barriers & the unemployed individual that needs meaningful employment for an industry that has a hard time with employee retention.

B David Hunter, EIT
Board Chair Civil Engineer, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired


FLIPP Inc relies heavily on highly decorated Retired Lieutenant Colonel, B. David Hunter, EIT (civil engineer) 21 years of experience in the construction & renewable energy sector. David oversees FLIPP Inc’s sustainability training pathway & serves as the solar training & sustainability program administrator.

Mary Thigpen
CEO - Conext1 Veteran Woman

AJ McDonald
Board Member

Elliott Harding
Esq-Harding Counsel, PLLC

Akhenaton Mikell
CEO-Imani Star Development Inc.

Tanesha Hudson
Community Activist

Lorenzo Wood

Lorenzo Wood
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