Raye Elliott
Executive Director, FLIPP Inc.

Raye Elliott serves as Executive Director of FLIPP Inc and  is a native of the economically disadvantaged small rural town of Buckingham, Virginia and a service-connected disabled Army veteran that has dedicated her life to aiding the formerly incarcerated & transitioning veterans by advocating for green jobs training for these untapped workforces that are swiftly emerging.

This advocacy extends to improving employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerated & transitioning veterans by working with both private and public sector employers who have committed to supplying a “livable wage” to these returning citizens. The work she does helps ease their transitions back into society & maintain self-sufficiency.

Raye has always envisioned an “equity in energy” type of program being a great bridge for the criminal justice involved & transitioning individuals returning back into the workforce with barriers & the unemployed individual that needs meaningful employment for an industry that has a hard time with employee retention.

Vada Cruse
Board Chair

Vada is a Virtual COO and Empowerment Advisor for small women-led businesses. She is also the Founder of The Baroness Consortium- A Women’s Empowerment & Equality Social Welfare Organization 501(c)(4).

Vada believes (by way of experience) that it is important to provide access to resources that can help to foster self-sufficiency, such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship training, and sustainable realistic workforce development programs to the underserved. She is a proud New Jersey Native and loves laughing and playing with other people’s dogs.)

Ken Duker
Board Member

Mary Thigpen
CEO - Conext1 Veteran Woman

B David Hunter, EIT
Civil Engineer, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired

AJ McDonald
Board Member

Elliott Harding
Esq-Harding Counsel, PLLC

Akhenaton Mikell
CEO-Imani Star Development Inc.

Tanesha Hudson
Community Activist

Joyce Woodson
Lieutenant-Department of Corrections